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As anticipation are getting higher in days leading up to Jakarta Fashion Week 2015, we over here at No.1707 have round up five designers we believe you should watch this fashion week. Without any disregards to the fact that household names such as Tex Saverio, Sapto Djojokartiko, or Mel Ahyar will be showing this year, this list is formed to showcase Indonesia's rising talents as they will become forces to be reckon with in Indonesian fashion. Better get your invitations fast. (Jakarta Fashion Week 2015: 1st-7th November 2014 - Senayan City)

V I N O R A   F O R   V I N O R A   N G

A connoisseur of clean aesthetics, Vinora distinct herself with a devotion for ready-to-wear. Deconstructing a classic tuxedo, she reinterpret it into a dress. 

See her in Indonesia Fashion Forward here
Discover her style here.  

F B U D I   F O R   F E L I C I A   B U D I   

Appreciation for materials, texture, and human form are manifested into beautiful pleats dresses and boleros in the hands of Felicia Budi. Her definitive style of romance and ethereal aesthetics ensnare us in a manner of love struck. 

To see her coming collection try here
Discover her style here.  

T O T O N   F O R   T O T O N    J A N U A R

A flair for ethnicity, and a knack for craftsmanship, Toton has been creating bohemian pieces that is eclectic and elegant at the same time. Drawing inspiration from nature's beauty, his creation is always enchanting. 

See him in Indonesia Fashion Forward here
Discover his past collections here.  

P E G G Y   H A R T A N T O

Igniting Indonesians with pride, for the past year Peggy Hartanto has been under the watchful eyes of fashion connoisseur around the world. Known for her Unseen collection -worn by Hollywood celebrities, her clever use of fabric and understanding of proportions manifested in beautiful contemporary pieces. 

Click here to get a chance to watch her show.

R O S A L Y N   C I T T A

Jewellery designer Rosalyn Citta, is known for her unique take on gold and silver plated accessories. Her pieces are left hammered and raw-like to accentuate an eccentric character.

See her collection over at
And see if you can watch her show here.

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